FibreKleer™ 4x and FibreKor™ fiber posts, Build-It™ core build up materials, Correct Plus™ VPS impression material, Simile™ universal composite and Breeze™ self-adhesive and RMGI cement systems. Dentists today are accomplishing more and achieving greater results than ever before, in practices that grow increasingly more complex. What we’ve come to realize along the way is that being a cutting edge product manufacturer only satisfies part of the equation. 

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REKROW- Micro Torch
₹4,500.0   ₹7,500.0   (40% OFF)
Pentron Artiste™ Composites-Nano Composite
₹1,000.0   ₹1,500.0   (33% OFF)
Prevest Dentspro Fusion Flo
₹650.0   ₹800.0   (19% OFF)
Shofu Beautifil ii Refills Nano Hybrid Composite
₹1,350.0   ₹1,440.0   (6% OFF)
Shofu BeautifIl II Enamel & Gingiva
₹1,600.0   ₹1,800.0   (11% OFF)
Shofu Beautifil Opaquer Light Cure Opaquer
₹1,850.0   ₹1,925.0   (4% OFF)
Shofu Beautifil Flow F02 Refill
₹1,390.0   ₹1,440.0   (3% OFF)