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Healix Tiger Air Motor Engine
₹1,500.0   ₹3,500.0   (57% OFF)
Healix Tiger Straight Handpiece
₹2,500.0   ₹5,000.0   (50% OFF)
Healix Etchant EDTA RootCal
₹300.0   ₹800.0   (63% OFF)
Healix Conmem Finisher Files
₹1,100.0   ₹2,000.0   (45% OFF)
Orthomatix Elastomeric Chain Spool
₹350.0   ₹400.0   (13% OFF)
Torque Orthodontics NiTI Tooth Coloured Wires
₹800.0   ₹2,000.0   (60% OFF)
Torque Ortho Reverse Curve NiTI Wires
₹150.0   ₹500.0   (70% OFF)
Torque Ortho NiTI Rectangular Wires
₹150.0   ₹500.0   (70% OFF)