Vishal Dentocare- V – Barrier Lightcured Gingival Barrier

Vishal Dentocare- V – Barrier Lightcured Gingival Barrier

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Description of product

V – Barrier is a light curing resin based gingival barrier in syringe with applicator. It quickly and easily seals the margins to protect soft tissues during whitening treatment and other procedures.

Composition : Urethane based acrylate, Pigments and fillers

Contraindications :

 Contraindicated for patients with known allergies to polymerizable resins.


Instructions for use :

  1. Place self-supporting lip/cheek retractors.
  2. Remove lock cap and attach applicator tip provided with the product.
  3. Rinse and air dry the teeth.
  4. Build a resin barrier along the gingival margin about 1.5-2.0 mm thick. Continue building the  barrier  apically  until  approx  6  mm  of  the  tissue  is covered and extend the resin beyond the last tooth to be bleached.
  5. Light cure the resin by fanning movement over the entire surface for 15 sec.

6. After completion of whitening procedure, suction of the whitening gel, rinse   teeth with water/air syringe. Lift V - Barrier from the surface using an explorer or instrument.

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