Vishal Dentocare - Retreater Gel-Aluminium Chloride Gel


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Description of product

Retreater is a aluminum chloride Gel in a viscous aqueous vehicles. It has a PH of 1.0 its patented tissue – kind silica. Formula temporarily eliminates minor bleeding, causing the collagen in the capillary ends to swell, there by closing them off. No Caogulm is formed, nor does haemostatic residue adhere to the preparation, which is especially critical in the esthetic zone retreater clear will not stain the hard or soft tissues.


Advantages :

  • Stops minor bleeding in the esthetic Zone.
  • Leaves no residue or stain and rinse easily
  • Places easily
  • Comes as a viscous yet spreadable get


Benefit : Retreater clear is used for haemostatic of the gingival margin during dental procedures including but not Limited to the following dental impressions temporary and permanent restoration seating, cavity restorations and rubber dam placement.

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