VISHAL DENTOCARE Apical LC - Light cured

VISHAL DENTOCARE Apical LC - Light cured

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Description of product

  1. Apical LC is intended for use as a direct pulp capping It may be placed directly on pulpal exposures after hemostasis is obtained. It is indicated for any pulpal exposures, including:
    • Carious exposures
    • Mechanical exposures
    • Exposures due to trauma
  2. Apical LC is intended as an indirect pulp capping agent in deep preparations, a protective liner in large preparations, base or sealer for use:
    • Under amalgam restorations
    • Under Class I and Class II composite restorations
    • Under other base materials
    • Under cements
    • As an alternative to calcium hydroxide
    • As an alternative to glass ionomer/RMGI
    • As an alternative to cavity varnish sealer
    • As an alternative to zinc phosphate

As an alternative to IRM/ZOE (Intermediate Restorative Material)

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