UDG Self Ligating Clear Ceramic Brackets MBT 022

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UDG Self Ligating Ceramic Brackets are high quality self ligating ceramic brackets.They have Reliable locking structure enhance patient comfort minimize occlusal interference . They also have Unique design and excellent charming style .


Better Efficiency at Visits

Because closing the door (or gate) on the braces is generally a speedier process than putting elastics around each bracket to hold the archwires in place (as in the case of traditional braces), patients will be in and out of the office quicker.

Reduced Discomfort

There is some evidence that suggests as there without the use of ligating elastic bands to attach the archwire to the bracket (as you see in traditional brace setups), the wire in the bracket slots minimizes the friction and as such the force required to move teeth.

This in turn is believed to reduce the discomfort patients might experience. Again, it is important to note that it is a reduction in general soreness, it doesn’t completely remove it.

Faster Treatment

There have been claims made that self-ligating braces have helped to shorten treatment time by up to six months, but it can be dependent on what type of malocclusion is being addressed as well as the severity of it.

Stick Free

One of the annoyances experienced by the typical braces-wearer is that the latex material on the elastics and rubber bands is notorious for trapping food, and providing the perfect environment for plaque to form. Self-ligating braces eliminate the need for elastics, so those wearers who might not be as fastidious with there cleaning and flossing will experience much cleaner smiles during their treatment.


Each box contains 12pcs Archwises.

NiTi Thermal Active, Round, 0.018" 2pcs(upper and lower), 0.016" 2pcs(upper and lower), 0.014" 2pcs(upper and lower).

NiTi Super Elastic, Rectangular, 0.017"x0.025" 2pcs(upper and lower), 0.016"x0.022" 2pcs(upper and lower).

Stainless Steel Archwires, Rectangular, 0.019"x0.025" 2pcs(upper and lower).

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