Torque Ortho Reverse Curve NiTI Wires

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Torque Orthodontics Reverse Curve NiTI Wires are reverse curve wires used for bite correction. These are made from high quality Nikel Titanium Material. They have shape memory and are heat activated. Following are some of the benefits of Healix Reverse curve NiTI Wires:

  • Avoids extraction space tipping.
  • Reverse curve wires can be used for bite correction
  • A low-force, reverse curve of spee wire designed to open bites, prevent molar rotations and maintain anterior torque without crown tipping.
  • Pre torque wires are shape memory, heat activated wires with a pre torque anterior segment.

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Excellent quality. It is one of the best Reverse Curve NiTI Wires.
Mar 11, 2020 3:50:17 PM