Torque Ortho NiTI Rectangular Wires

Torque Ortho NiTI Rectangular Wires

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  • Extreme elasticity
  • constant force
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Description of product

Torque Orthodontics NiTI Rectangular Wires uses a NiTi shape memory  alloy to produce an ideal orthodontic Archwire. These wires delivers a constant force over a long period of time to get the desired result. These wires are scientifically tested and crafted with precision to generate light and continuous forces, reduce treatment time and improve patient comfort. 

  • Ni-Ti wires need to demonstrate extreme elasticity, consistent force and shape memory, over limited range of deflection.
  • Flat curve of tooth moving force evidence “Constant Force”
  • Extreme elasticity shape memory is shown by near complete rebound.
  • Wire is tested on Bose ELF 3200 machine for every production batch.


Pack of 10 wires

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Excellent quality NiTI Rectangular Wires...
Mar 13, 2020 11:41:23 AM