Shofu Hi-Dense Xp Eco Pack Silver Reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement

Shofu Hi-Dense Xp Eco Pack Silver Reinforced Glass Ionomer Cement

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Description of product

Shofu Hi-Dense Xp Eco Pack is a silver re-inforced glass ionomer cement (miracle mix) which is ideally used for restorations in posterior teeth.


  • For Permanent restoration of posterior deciduous teeth
  • For Non-stress bearing permanent teeth
  • For Core build-up and repair of amalgam restorations.
  • Contains spherical silver-tin alloy particles in a specially formulated glass ionomer powder for better performance with exceptional handling and physical properties even under humid conditions.
  • High compressive strength prevents cuspal flexure under large composite restorations
  • Exhibits excellent adhesion to tooth structure, pins and amalgam.
  • Silver powder is premixed for easy homogeneous mixing
  • Packable and condensable like amalgam without mercury.
  • Radiopaque, excellent fluoride release and recharge with high resistance to erosion.
Key Specifications


Powder / Liquid Ratio:4.5 / 1.0      
Working Time 23˚C : 1 min 45 secs to 2 minutes 30 seconds from start of mixing
Clinical Setting Time 37˚C:3 mins to 3mins 30 secs (from end of mixing) 
  • 1 x 30gm Powder
  • 1 x 10ml Liquid

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