Sharkzz Contra Angle Push Button Handpiece Mini head

Sharkzz Contra Angle Push Button Handpiece Mini head

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Description of product

Ergonomic Design.

 Smaller head and enhanced technology.

 Comfortable Grip.

 Smooth operation.


  • Made up of Stainless steel.

 Rust Free

 Corrosion Resistant.



 Handpiece rpm

 Extends to a maximum of 40,000.


  • For Canal Cleaning & Shaping.
  • For pre-clinical tooth preparations in dental colleges.
  • In Corporate Hospitals.
  • In Private Hospitals.


 Made up of Stainless steel.



  • Slim neck – better visibility to the treatment area.
  • Slow speed handpiece.

  • Handpiece rpm extends to a maximum of 40,000.

  • Offers good handling convenience.

  • It offers precision and reliability.

  • Autoclavable.

  • Made of high quality.

  • Suitable for any E-type headpiece accords with ISO standard.
  • Suitable for both steam and chemical autoclave.

Key Specifications

  • Avoid contamination of handpiece with Blood or other fluids
  • Periodic oiling of the handpiece with good quality Oils will yield better results.
  • Kindly follow the manual for speed control & usage


 Instrument Name

 Contra angle handpiece


 Dental Handpiece


 Conservative dentistry


 Stainless Steel

 Disposable / Reusable


 Sterile / Non-Sterile

 Non - Sterile


  • 1 x Contra angle handpiece.


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