Septodont Flucol Gel for Tropical Application

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  • Prophylactic Agents Of Dental Caries
  • Dental Gel for Topical Application- bottle Containing 125g

Description of product

It is used for prevention of dental caries and treatment of hyper aesthesia of dentine. The power of fluoride to prevent dental caries , which is now well demonstrated by various scientific works. Sodium Fluoride is at least as active as the fluorides of heavy metals (tin for example). Flucol has all the specific fluoride activities. Its inhibiting action on microbial growth considerably reduces the film of flora on the dental crown. This reaction is doubles by the action of fluoride on the enamel, which involves a transformation of its crystalline structure and an increase, as far as sensitivity is concerned of its resistance to chemical attack. This action is equally effective in the presence of dentine and cementum. It is composed of sodium Fluoride & Excipients such as phosphoric acid, saccharin , alcohol , xanthan gum , purified water in 100 ml of gel . 1.23 g of Active Fluorine.


  • Indicated in prevention of Dental Caries
  • For Local Use in the Mouth Only

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  • Prophylactic Agents Of Dental Caries


  • Dental Gel for Topical Application- bottle Containing 125g

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