Pyrax Light Cure Universal Nano Hybrid Composite

Pyrax Light Cure Universal Nano Hybrid Composite

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Light Cure Universal Nano Hybrid Composite is a light curable composite. It can be used for anterior and posterior dentine and enamel restorations. The inorganic filler loading is about 71% by volume. The particle size varies from 0.03 to 5 microns. After filling, a blue light initiates a quick free radical polymerization generating an organic resin and inorganic filler composite which demonstrates a great strength and aesthetic appearance as real tooth. Due to its high radiopacity, a clear X- ray picture will be helpful for clinic practice.


All Restoration for posterior and anterior Core build up In-lay and On-lay Veneer repairs


BisGMA, Barium Glass, Nano-Silica, Photoinitiators, Stabilizer.

Shelf life

3 years from date of manufacturing.


1 x 4 gm Syringe.

Shades Available: A1 & A2

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