Pyrax Instant Acrylic Tray Material

Pyrax Instant Acrylic Tray Material

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Instant tray material with unique properties developed specially for individual trays, base plates and stabilized base plates. Upon mixing it produces dough like material that is soft. It does not become rubbery and will not pull away from the model during curing. Instant tray material cures directly on the model at room temperature. Finished tray will not warp or break in use. Tray can be completed in 10 min.


To be used for making individual trays & base plates.


Powder: Poly MethylMetha Acrylate Resin & Co polymers.

Liquid: Methyl methacrylate Monomer & additive.


Powder: 1x 450 gms plastic bottle. Liquid: 1x 225 ml glass bottle.

Shelf Life

3 years from the date of Manufacturing.

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