Prime Dental X Ray Film Pedo (Speed E) 2X3 Cm


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Carestream Dental Intraoral E-Speed Film delivers high-quality images in as little as half the exposure time required for traditional D-speed intraoral films. Thanks to patented T-GRAIN emulsion technology, images are clear and sharp with no loss of detail.

Affordable and Consistent Quality

As a leader in the dental industry, KODAK Dental Intraoral D-Speed Film is a dependable choice for your imaging needs. Compatible with both automatic and manual processing methods, the film’s enhanced processing abilities provide more tolerance to chemistry variations. And, convenient 100-packet boxes require less storage space and help ensure use before expiration.

Thanks to innovative T-GRAIN film technology, KODAK D-Speed Film produces consistently clear, high-quality images quickly and easily. And, the improved thinner packet design means enhanced patient comfort – shot after shot.

Best X Ray Film.

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