Prime Dental Restorite Flow Viscous Light Cured Composite


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Description of product

Product Description:

Restorite Flow Viscous is a light-curing composite with which you perform minimally invasive restorations such as fissure sealing or cervical caries in the anterior and posterior tooth areas. The flowability of the composite together with its stability ensures pleasant handling and enough time to model the restoration. This material can also be used in undercuts for a precise application. This means you′ll work quickly and economically. Thanks to special particles, you will receive excellent, lasting restorations which adapt aesthetically to the natural dentin colour. The filler content of 77 % (percentage by weight) and the different particle sizes provide exceptional physical properties such as minimized shrinkage and high Vickers hardness.


Very high filler content (77 % by weight)

  • Free of Bis-GMA.
  • No dripping.
  • Easy to apply.
  • Polishes quickly and easily for excellent surface gloss.
  • Exceptional flowability even in undercuts.
  • Compatible with most available composites as well as adhesive and bonding systems.
  • Natural colour adaption.
  • High radiopacity (210 % Al) ensures an even higher level of treatment safety.

Fissure sealing

  • Black′s class V fillings (cervical caries, root erosion, V-shaped defects).
  • Minimally invasive fillings of Black′s classes I, II and III.
  • Correction of enamel defects.
  • Blocking-out undercuts.
  • Smaller corrections to the form and colour of the enamel.
Physical properties:
  • Vickers hardness (MPa) 794
  • 3-point-strength (MPa) 144
  • Young′s modulus (MPa) 12316
  • Compression strength (MPa) 431
  • Radiopacity 210% Al
  • Filler content 77% (percentage by weight)

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