Prime Dental Restorite Nano Hybrid Composite

Prime Dental Restorite Nano Hybrid Composite


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Description of product

Product description:

Restorite Nano is a light-curing nano-composite for the adhesive filling technique. It contains an ultrafine, radiopaque glass filler. The composition with ultrafine filler leads to exceptionally homogenous restorations. An optimal adaption of the color is the result of an optimally adjusted chameleon effect. The guidelines and requirements of DIN EN ISO 4049 apply. Restorite Nano should be used in connection with the system components. Restorite Nano Composite is available is syringes and compules. The compules are for single use only. Please do not reuse them, as this makes it impossible to rule out contamination and germ formation.

Overview :
  • Softens GP points.
  • Softens zinc oxide cement.
  • Controlled penetration to avoid disturbing apical seal.
  • Shall not retard composite setting.
  • Extremely Low Shrinkage.
  • Easy Handling.
  • High abrasion resistance combined with being gentle to opposite dentition.
  • Brilliant color stability.
  • Ideal for minimal invasive techniques.
  • Easy to Polish.
  • Direct anterior and posterior tooth restorations in Black’s classes I, II, III, IV, V
  • Indirect restorations such as inlays, onlays and veneers
  • Extended fissure sealing on molars and premolars
  • Building up stumps
  • Splinting of loosened teeth
  • Corrections of shape and color to enhance aesthetics
Physical properties:
  • Youngs Modulus : 18,154 Mpa
  • Bending Strength : 152 Mpa
  • Vickers Hardness : 1,088 Mpa
  • Compressive Strength : 462 Mpa
  • Filler Load : 83.5 Weight%
  • Filler Size : 28nm ~15um
  • Volume Shrinkage : 1.3% (One of the least in Dentistry)

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