Prime Dental Restorite Etching Gel - Enamel Etchant

Prime Dental Restorite Etching Gel - Enamel Etchant


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Description of product

Product Description: Restorite Etching Gel is a formulation of 37% phosphoric acid in thixotropic gel consistency, indicated for enamel etching and dentin conditioning. Stable formulation will not dry or thicken. Consistency is adjusted as stand-up gel, which is easy to dispense with needles provided.


• Direct composite restorations.

• Pt & Fissure sealant application.

• Indirect restoration like composite or metal free ceramics along with recommended adhesive cements.

• Bonding Orthodontic brackets.

Contra Indications: • Direct exposure to pulp tissues should be avoided.


• Avoid from applying on skin soft tissue and eye contact. In case of accident, wash with clean water and consult physician.

• Phosphoric acid may dissolve base and liner materials hence preferably should not be applied directly on these materials.


After dispensing Restorite Etching Gel it should be applied with small brush on enamel and dentin which has to be etched.

Material should be left in place for 15 seconds and washed with water.

Dry area with oil free air.

It is recommended to avoid over drying.

Dried area would appear chalky white, if first application does not give desired visual indication, procedure should be repeated for further 15 seconds.

Package contents: • Syringe of 3g, 5 application needles.

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