Prime Dental RC Help EDTA Paste for Irrigation

Prime Dental RC Help EDTA Paste for Irrigation


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Description of product

Product Description: RC Help is a formulation of EDTA in paste form, indicated to be used while bio-mechanical preparation of root canal. EDTA is bio friendly material and helps bio-mechanical process by chelating dentin. Stable formulation will not dry or thicken. Consistency is adjusted which is easy to dispense and taken in canal with instrument. Also, consistency of this product acts as lubrication during bio-mechanical. RC Help formulation also contains carbamide peroxide which shall release oxygen at gentle rate while irrigating with Prime Dental Sodium Hypochlorite (having mint aroma). As silica particles are known to be very difficult material to wash off, we have developed this product silica free.

Contra Indications: • No known contra indications exist for product. No known systemic allergy is recorded.

Precautions: • Avoid pushing of material periapically.

Application: • RC Help can be dispensed by needle in pulpal chamber directly or can be easily picked with instrument to carry in canal. Continue instrumentation with paste in canal. Wash off after completion of Biomech with Prime Dental Sodium Hypochlorite (having mint aroma) or distilled water.

Storage: • Store in cool dark place. Keep away from direct flame.

Package contents:

• RC Help: Syringe of 3g, 5 application needles.

• Big RC Help: Syringe of 20g, 25 application needles, 1 contactor & 1 empty syringe

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