Prime Dental Image - Eugenol Free Impression Paste for Edentulous Cases


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Description of product

Product Description : 

Image is a zinc oxide based impression paste. It does not irritate oral tissue or lips due to its virtue of being compounded eugenol free. Image is indicated for taking impression of edentulous cases & relining of dentures. Image is an Eugenol free impression paste for edentulous cases, hence shall not irritate oral tissue and lips of the patient while taking impression.

Key Specifications : 

 Zinc oxide based impression paste
 Impression of edentulous cases & relining of dentures
 Eugenol free impression paste
Directions : 
  • MIXING -
  • Remove equal length of both paste, approximate 10cm. Length for maxillary and 8 cm. length for mandibular impressions. Mix well with the help of broad blade spatula for 30 seconds, till uniform orange colour is achieved. Load special trays (shellac or acrylic) immediately so as to have even thickness of material all around.
  • Insert tray in patients mouth. Complete border moulding within Two and a half minutes from start to mix. Wait for further two and a Half minutes before tray is removed from patients mouth. Wash thoroughly under running water.

Indications : 

       For taking impression for edentulous cases and relining of dentures.

Feautres :

  • Impression paste for edentulous cases.
  • Zinc oxide base.
  • Eugenol free.
  • No irritation to lip & mucosa.



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