Prime Dental Desensitiser - Potassium Oxalate Gel

Prime Dental Desensitiser - Potassium Oxalate Gel


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Description of product

Product Description: Desensitiser is a formulation in gel form having potassium oxalate proven to be effective desensitising agent for dental application.

Indications: Sensitive teeth due to abrasive cavities.

Method of use: Clean and wipe sensitive area till tooth surface is moist but not completely dry, however area should not be flooded with oral fluids or water, if required apply gentle air spray.

Apply gel with applicator needle (provided in pack) directly on the sensitive area wait for 90 seconds.

Wipe leftover gel with cotton and rinse thoroughly with water.

This application would form calcium oxalate on the tooth surface, which shall block dentinal tubules reducing sensitivity.

Special precaution: Do not apply gel to soft tissue. Do not leave gel in place for more than 90 seconds in single application if required repeat application after 7 days.

Package contents: • 3g Syringe & 5 application needles.

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