Prime Dental Dentfilloy 68% - 30GM Alloy and Mercury

Prime Dental Dentfilloy 68% - 30GM Alloy and Mercury


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Product Description:

Dentfilloy is superior quality fine grained conventional alloy designed to meet the high standard of the profession. Dentiffloy is a silver based composite of quaternary alloy possessing the most favorable properties for dental use. Dentfilloy is specially prepared for the restoration of all classes of cavities in the posterior teeth. Due to its fine particle size they react and combine more effectively with mercury to give a coherent and strong mass.

Application: Dentfilloy can be used for restoration of class I, class II and pit filling in posterior teeth.

Proportioning of Alloy & Mercury: Proportioning should be done by weight and not by volume.

Minimum mercury or 1:1 (Eame's technique) will have obvious advantage.

Preparation of cavity: For successful amalgam restoration it is most essential to prepare the cavity with adequate undercuts and the cavity should be dry.

Trituration: The object is to achieve a workable mass of amalgam with a minimum time. Amalgam may be achieved by the mechanical amalgamator or mortar and pestle. The amalgam should be free of excess of mercury before condensation.

Condensation: Remove Dentfilloy from the mortar and start compacting without delay in the prepared cavity. Condensation is a continuation of the trituration process. Condensation should be done within 31/2 to 4 minutes of trituration. Further condensation effort after 4 minutes may create cracks in the matrix. Carving: Now amalgam should be ready for carving. Carving should be completed in 5 minutes of condensation. Any carving against resistance of setting mass is not advisable.

Finishing & Polishing: Wait for 24 hours filling to start polishing. Finishing can be done at low speed with special abrasive or with steel finishing bur to be followed by polishing paste. Precautions: Avoid contact of mercury to skin. Take proper precaution against swallowing by patient.

Package contents: 30g bottle.

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