Prime Dental Aster Prophy - Prophylaxis Paste


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Description of product

Product Description : Aster Prophy contains abrasives to maximize the removal of plaque without appreciable abrasion of enamel. The thixotropic properties are controlled in a manner to ensure easy transfer to cup or brush without undesirable spattering at the rotation speeds used in prophylaxis. Aster Prophy contains no fluoride. It is a dental prophylaxis paste for polishing and removal of plaque & stains and comes in lemon fragrance.

Key Specifications

 Dental prophylaxis paste
 Thixotropic nature
 Lemon fragrance
Directions : ASTER PROPHY is thixotropic in nature and more fluidity can be attained when subjected to rotation. Tighten cap properly after dispensing. For optimum results use a prophy type handpiece and rubber cup/bristle brush combination. Fill rubber cup/ bristle brush with paste and run at low speed over each tooth surface, making sure that the edge of the cup/ bristle brush goes below the free margin of the gingiva into the gingival sculus. Repeat this procedure for each tooth until all exposed surfaces have been polished. Unwaxed dental floss may be used to remove any excess paste through the interproximal areas.
Indications : Used for the removal of plaque from patients teeth & polishing of tooth surfaces.
Features : 
  • Dental prophylaxis paste for polishing and removal of plaque & stains.
  • Thixotropic nature.
  • Non-splattering effect.
  • Lemon fragrance.
  • Contains no fluoride.

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