Prime Dental Ace Niti K Files for Hand use


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Description of product


NiTi K Files are Made of nickel titanium alloy which are very flexible and safe instruments. Their resistance to bending is around 10 times greater than the resistance of the stainless steel instruments. Files with a tight spiral, designed in a shape proposed by dr. Kerr. This K files can be used for very curved canals which are unavailable to conventional instruments, without the need for pre-bending. Having very good flexibility, traditional shape and made of NiTi alloy it significantly reduces the tendency to artificially straighten the canal and also reduces the risk of the perforation. 

Key Specifications:

 Lengths 21mm, 25mm
 Tight spiral
 Made up of high quality nickel titanium material.
 Strong and stable
 Shape canal walls

Product Description : 

Length : 21,25

Indl.size : #15,20

Assorted : 15-40

Taper ratio : 2 Degree 

Packed : 6pcs in a pkt

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