Prevest Denpro Fusion Bond Dc

Prevest Denpro Fusion Bond Dc


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Description of product

t is a two component system to be used with self-curing and dual curing resin cements to bond all indirect restorations including metal, ceramic and composite crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers and bridges retainers and bonding of Endodontics posts.


  • Direct , light cured/self-cure composite restorations and core build-up
  • indirect restoration resin cemented inlays, Onlays, crowns and bridge retainers.
  • Direct, light cured/self-cured composite and compomer restorations.
  • Endodontic post cementation
  • Bonding of indirect restorations and light/self-cure resin cemented veneers.
  • Dual Core versatility
  • Reduced post-operative sensitivity
  • High bond strength to both dentine and enamel
  • 1x5ml Bonding Agent
  • 1x5ml Activator
  • 20xMicro Brushes

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