Prevest Denpro 24 carat Teeth Whitening Gel

Prevest Denpro 24 carat Teeth Whitening Gel

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Description of product

24 Carat is an advanced tooth whitening gel which eliminates sensitivity with its zero-sensitivity formula. it consists of the active carbomide peroxideglycerine combination suspended in a high tack and high viscosity gel which reduces the treatment time considerably


  • Zero Sensitivity Formulation
  • Pleasantly Flavoured
  • Fluoride releasing
  • Viscous Consistency
  • Neutral pH


  • Whitening of non-vital teeth
  • Gentle and permanent whitening of teeth in cases of staining due to medication, fluorosis, food, tobacco and ageing
  • ning of non-vital teeth.


  • Optimized pH- safe and gentle
  • High percentage of active teeth whitening ingredients
  • Zero sensitivity formula
  • Thick consistency gel

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