Premier Dental Retraction Caps

Premier Dental Retraction Caps


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Premier® Retraction Caps are hollow cotton caps designed to enhance gingival retraction and assist in hemostasis.  They work synergistically with Traxodent Hemodent Paste Retraction System.  The caps can be used to gently guide Traxodent's soft paste into the sulcus for maximum tissue deflection.  With Traxodent, hemostasis is quickly achieved from the combined action of the hemostatic agent, aluminum chloride, along with the compression generated from the retraction cap.


  • Easily guides and holds Traxodent in the sulcus
  • Compression enhances retraction and quickens hemostasis
  • Cotton absorbs fluids
  • Anatomic form allows easy placement on teeth

Available Size in: #3, #5

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