Oracraft Langenbeck Cheek Retractor - 40x10 (21.5cm) (CRL2)

Oracraft Langenbeck Cheek Retractor - 40x10 (21.5cm) (CRL2)

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Used to hold mucoperiosteal flaps, cheeks, lips, and tongue away from the surgical area.

The langenbeck retractor is a handheld instrument which constitutes of a flat blade. The blade is bent at a right angle to the retractor’s handle. This particular type of retractor is useful to retract soft tissue for a temporary basis.

The word retractor simply means an instrument which possesses a hooked, angled or a curved blade. The handles of retractors are always very comfortable so that when the retractor be it a langenbeck retractor or any other kind is in place, it maintains the position the surgeon keeps it in so that the procedure can be conducted easily without tissue coming in the way of the surgical site.

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