Orthomatix NiTi Archwires

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NiTi-SE is a Archwires NiTi archwire designed to be fully active (austenitic) at room temperature. It offers clinicians excellent resiliency and high flexibility characteristics, exhibiting the concept of true superelasticity , recovering from bends and deformation angles ranging from 45 - 75 . Predictable light and continuous forces are delivered to maximum efficiency thanks to the consistently accurate arch forms NIiTi-SE is available in. Torque and rotation are achieved simultaneously while levelling during the early treatment phase, with the enhanced sliding mechanics of NiTi-SE excellent surface finish.

Rectangular .016"x .016", .016"x .022", .017"x.025", .018"x.025" .019"x .025", .021"x.025" 

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Super Elastic

CE Certified

ISO 9001:2015

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