Neoendo Flex Glide Files

Neoendo Flex Glide Files

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  • NiTi files with Glod Thermal Treatment
  • Small Taper Size- 2%
  • Works perfectly well in narrow, severely curved and calcified canals.
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Description of product

Neoendo Flex Glide Files are rotary endodontic files are glide path nickel titanium rotary files in endodontics. They are used for establishing a glide path in rotary endodontics. The flex glide niti files are have enhanced flexibility and small taper size of 2%. These rotary files have non ISO standard tip sizes. Neoendo Flex Glide files saave time and effort for the dentist while decreasing the risk of undesirable procedural errors such as ledging, perforation, and transportation. 

Key Specification

  • Glide Path Preparation
  • Small taper size (2%)
  • 3rd Generation Rotary File
  • Saves Time and Effort

Speed: 200 Rpm Torque: 1 Ncm

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