Medicept Dental Interdental Wedges Refills

Medicept Dental Interdental Wedges Refills


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Medicept Dental Interdental Wedges Refills

Wedges are used to Strong, anatomically contoured avoid laceration of gingival tissue. Wedging is an essential part of restorative dentistry: their main use is for adapting a matrix band to the proximal part of a cavity. They have a number other uses also.


  • Intredental Wedges have an anatomical optimal shape.
  • The concave sicles adapt perfectly to the interdental contour.
  • The square end allows easy insertion of the wedges and the upturned tip prevents damage to the papillae.
  • The wedges are made of splinter-free maple wood, thus ensuring stability and compressibility.
  • Speciality of maple wood is in contract with moisture in the mouth it expands to give a tighter grip.
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