Medicept Dental Flash Nanohybrid Composite Kit

Medicept Dental Flash Nanohybrid Composite Kit


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Description of product

FLASH is a light cured resin based composite dental restorative which contains approximately 76% by weight (57% by volume) inorganic filler with an average particle size of 0.4 microns. All shades are radiopaque. FLASH represents years of research aimed at bridging the gap between microfill and hybrid composite materials. A proprietary grinding process combined with sophisticated rheological modifiers allow FLASH to polish to a very high, long lasting luster similar to microfills, while providing strength equivalent to todays microhybrids. It is recommended that the composite be stored at ambient temperature. Shelf life of FLASH is 3 years from manufacture date.


  • Handling : Easy to place, Excellent polishability
  • Aesthetics : Outstanding, Lifelike, 16 VITA shades 3 Opaque, 3 Translucent shade
  • Reliability : Excellent strength & wear,Optimum Particle size,State of the art technology
Packaging: 6x5gm syg. 1x2gm flowable. 5th generation 5ml bond. 3g etch. 50 microbrush. Free LED Curing Light.

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