Medicept Dental D-Soft - Tissue Conditioner Kit

Medicept Dental D-Soft - Tissue Conditioner Kit


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Powder 100g Pink/ 100ml Liquid & Accessories.


D-Soft tissue conditioner material is powder and liquid, which are mixed to produce a cushioning fit surface to dentures. When mixed a viscous yet flowable liquid is produced which is poured into the denture to which it adheres. When placed in the mouth, gelation occurs with the fitting surface adapting precisely to the patient‘s oral mucosa. The effect is to transmit masticatory forces evenly over the patient’s tissues thus conditioning those areas where the unlined denture had previously been out of contact. When the mucosal condition is improved, the layer of tissue conditioner is easily removed. Alternatively, if the change in tissue geometry is too great for the fit to the original denture to be achieved, then the material can be used as a functional impression material being worn for 6-24 hours prior to a stone model being poured directly into the denture. As the material is selfadhesive, additions are possible during the period during which tissue conditioning is taking place.

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