Medicept Dental Crown & Bridge Preparaation Kit

Medicept Dental Crown & Bridge Preparaation Kit


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Description of product

Pkt of 14 Burs.

The Crown & Bridge Preparation kit is designed to offer speedy, simple and accurate tooth preparation for a wide range of crown and bridge restorations, veneers and onlays.

Precise depth orientation grooves can be achieved easily with the specially designed depth cutting diamond points.

2 special "Tissue-Protective End-Cutting Burs" for shoulder preparation and finishing under gingival

margins without injuring the soft tissue.

These points are hygienically organized in an aluminium bur block (autoclavable) for convenient sterilization and easy replacement.

14 kinds of specially selected FG Diamond Points in 3 different grits.

Packaging: kit of 14 burs of different shapes in 3 grits.

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