Ivoclar Virtual Putty And Light Body Set (Regular Set)

Ivoclar Virtual Putty And Light Body Set (Regular Set)

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Description of product

Virtual is a new line of vinyl polysiloxane impression materials specifically developed to meet the requirements of today's most popular impression taking techniques.


Available in both fast and regular setting times (2:30 min / 4:30 min), the system features the five viscosities Putty, Heavy Body, Monophase, Light Body and Extra Light Body. 

And, the system is complemented by a full line of accessories, including a tray adhesive.


Virtual impression materials are addition-reaction silicones containing vinylpolysiloxane, methylhydrogensiloxane, an organoplatinic complex, silica and food dyes.


  • Final impressions used for the fabrication of indirect restorations (inlays, onlays, crowns, bridges, veneers)
  • Dental implant impressions
  • Silicone matrices for wax-ups, study models or treatment planning
  • Edentulous impressions
  • Silicone matrices used to create temporary restorations
  • Excellent adaptation to the moist oral hard and soft tissues
  • Excellent moisture displacement
  • Exceptional readability and precision
  • Flexible working times and fast setting phase
  • Fresh peppermint scent
  • Outstanding balance of physical properties

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