Itena Prevent Seal Self-Etching Light-Cured Pit & Fissure Sealant

Itena Prevent Seal Self-Etching Light-Cured Pit & Fissure Sealant


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Description of product

Self-etching Light cured, pit & fissure sealant with fluoride release.


Use of the self-etching technique for the preventive sealing of pits of permanent teeth in patients presenting a raised risk of developing cavities.

  • For pits and fissures that are particularly sensitive to dental decay, as they are difficult to clean.
  • Sealing with Prevent Seal Self-Etching Pit & Fissure Sealant gives protection to sensitive tooth surfaces by protecting them with a waterproof layer of resin, which prevents the penetration of bacteria and enhances oral hygiene.


  • Self-etching
  • No etching, no rinsing! A real time saver
  • Excellent bonding strength on enamel (21MPa)
  • For a long lasting seal
  • Optimal fluidity
  • For perfect spreading into the pits and fissures
  • Fluoride release
  • For better protection against tooth decay
  • Supplied with:
  • Pointed brushes > For easy cleaning of the pits and fissures
  • Extra fine needle tips > For precise and economical sealant application


Prevent Seal performances (i.e. penetration of sealant into pits and fissures and quality of peripheral seal) were equivalent to those of conventional sealants requiring prior etching.

Hints and Tips

  • Instead of using small brushes, air abrasion can be used to thoroughly clean the tooth before applying the sealant. No traces of silica should remain as this impairs the adhesion of Prevent Seal
  • The prepared surface must be thoroughly dried before Prevent Seal is applied, as the product is hydrophobic
  • The small brushes are autoclavable
  • Prevent Seal is a composite resin and is therefore compatible with all other available composites


  • Single component material
  • Self-etching etch/no rinse/no dry
  • Single step
  • Easy & precise application by using direct syringe technique
  • Light cured
  • Low viscosity, excellent flow properties, optimal wetting of fissures
  • Fluoride release


  • 1 x 1.2 ml syringe
  • 10 x  Extra-fine needle tips

3 x Pointed brushes

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