Itena MTA Biorep Bio-Ceramic Reparative Cement

Itena MTA Biorep Bio-Ceramic Reparative Cement


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PACKING – 2  powder capsule + 2 mixing liquids.

Bioceramic root repair material


  • MTA BIOREP is an endodontic reparative cement
  • A biomaterial composed of several mineral oxydes (Mineral Trioxyde Aggregate).
  • Studies show that MTA:
    • Promotes hard-tissue formation
    • Promotes the regeneration of mineralized cementum
    • Facilitates the regeneration of the periodontal tissue.
  • Regenerative properties = > ideal dentine replacement material.


  • Pulp Capping
    • Capping of the pulp exposed during a cavity preparation to prevent its necrosis
  • Pulpotomy
    • Removal of a portion of the chamber pulp and its replacement with a medicated filling
  • Repair of (furcal or lateral) root perforation
    • Caused accidentally by an instrument during root canal treatment
  • Repair of internal root resorption
    • Loss of tooth structure from within the root canal, often caused by chronic pulpal inflammation
  • Apexification
    • The objective is to form a hard-tissue biological barrier (or “plug”) at the root apex


  • MTA BIOREP has a high concentration of free calcium oxide in its composition. These oxides react with water, forming calcium hydroxide : Ca(OH)2
  • Calcium Hydroxide is composed of calcium ions, which react with the carbon dioxide present in tissues, producing calcite granules. This process leads to the accumulation of fibronectin, which allows cell adhesion and differentiation, thus resulting in the formation of mineralized tissue.
  • Calcium ions are released from the material, leading to a highly alkaline local pH. This environment is known to be inhospitable to bacterial proliferation. 


  • Hydrophilic behaviour => sets in the presence of moisture (absolute dryness is contraindicated).
  • Expands during setting => high marginal sealing
  • Low solubility => prolonged action and quicker tissue repair.
  • Fully biocompatible
  • Antibacterial activity


  • Fast (initial) setting: 15 minutes => treatment in a single session.
  • High radiopacity due to a the presence of Calcium Tungstate in the formulation
  • Does not discolour teeth
  • Prolonged action for complete tissue repair
  • Can be easily placed with a number of instruments (MTA applicators)

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