Healix Endomotor with Autoreverse with 10sets Made in India Healix Lion Rotary Files Free

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Description of product

Healix Endomotor Endomotor auto reverse function Endomotor one cycle reverse function  

Key features

  • Speed: 125 rpm (min.) to 625 rpm (max.)
  • Torque: 3 mNm (min.) to 52 mNm (max.)
  • 3 Modes: Auto Torque, Auto Reverse, One Cycle Reverse
  • 10 Programs for setting Torque and Speed Values
  • Works with a standard :1:1 Contra Angle Hand piece (Standard Hand piece dentists use for polishing)
  • Comes with a foot switch/pedal to help operate easily and keep hands free for clinical use.
  • Made in India
  • One year guaranty

The Healix Endomatic Endo motor is a microprocessor controlled endodontic rotary system. Healix Endomatic Endo motor specifically designed to -drive any rotary file systems including NiTI, Protapers, Heroshapers and others. Any contra angle handpiece can be attached to it. Healix Endo motor is the best Endo motor with Auto reverse,Reciprocation,Auto Stop and One Cycle Reverse. This Endo motor is compatible with all Rotary Endodontic files and Rotary systems. Endo motor is completely made in India.It is the most reliable,most economical in price.

Healix Endomotor comes without contra angle handpiece.


Automatic Reverse (Auto Reverse)

When the resistance goes higher than the torque inside the canal, there will autu reverse function and the file will automatically start rotating in the opposite direction.

Automatic Stop(Auto Stop)

When the resistance goes higher than the torque inside the canal, there will be no automatic reverse function and the file will stop working inside the canal


  • While using Endomotor, default function is in the forward direction.When the resistance goes higher than the torque inside tha canal, then the file will reverse circularly. The time for foward will be 0.5 seconds and reverse will be 0.25 seconds

One Cycle Reverese

  • When the resistance higher than the torque , the equipment will auto-reverse, and will be forward again after the resistance disappeared.
The Healix Endomatic Endomotor is a simple, compact and lightweight unit, adapted to the needs of an endodontic practice. Any contra angle hand piece can be attached to Healix Endomatic, unlike traditional reduction gear hand pieces.

The Endomatic Endomotor is a simple, compact and lightweight unit, adapted to the needs of an endodontic and rotary practice. It is micro-processor controlled to provide Auto Reversal, Auto Stop or 1-Cycle reverse of the file rotation in case the file is stuck in the canal (as per torque setting). This minimizes file breakage. Also, efficient rotary endodontics reduces the treatment time and also improves patient comfort during root canal treatment.

There is a clear LCD screen that provides easy visualization during preparation. It indicates the various settings that have been chosen by the operator: speed, torque, gearing, direction of rotation, program (ten in total), auto reverse setting and gives a real-time read out of the load being applied to the instrument in terms of mNm. There are also audible warning indicators for file reversal.

*Without Contraangle handpiece


  • Flawless Safety Functions:

The autoreverse and autoforward modes with automatic safety stop minimize the risk of file breakage.

  • Ergonomic Design:

EndoPro has ergonomic design which makes it fit for the dentist's use. 

  • Hygiene and maintenance:

Very easy to maintain hygiene. Since only contra angle needs to be sterilized.

  • 1 x Endomotor Unit-Endomatic
  • 1 Footswitch
  • 1 Endomotor Attachment
  • 1 x Charging Unit
  • 1 Endomotor handson CD
  • 10 sets of Assorted Healix Lion Rotary Files

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