Healix Xray Developer -Pack of 5X55gms

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  • Pack of 5.Each pack is of 55 gms
  • Each pack can make 500 ml of solution
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Description of product

Healix Dental X-Ray or Xray Developer is a  Pack of 5 packets of 55 GM each. Healix is the oldest manufacturer of X-Ray chemicals in india.

Healix X-Ray Chemicals are extremely high quality materials which fastens the x-ray processing.

Instructions for use: Healix dental developer contains two packets: Pack A is smaller and pack B is bigger.  Take about 300 ml of normal water.  Under continuous stirring dissolve the contents of pack B.  When fully dissolved add contents of Pack A and keep stirring.  Add sufficient water to make 500 ml working solution.  Stir till you get a pale yellow/colorless clear solution.

Caution: This preparation may cause skin irritation.  The use of safety glassess, rubber hand gloves and/or frequest rinsing of hands is recommended.


Pack of 5 of 55 gms each to make 500 ml working solution from each pack

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