Healix Extra Oral Vaccum Suction

Healix Extra Oral Vaccum Suction

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Description of product

Defend yourself from infections transmitted through Aerosols!

The HEALIX EXTRA-ORAL SUCTION is a high power suction device that can be used during dental procedures which use the air-rotors, ultra-sonic scalers or any other procedure that generated aerosols. Air-rotors, ultrasonic scalers, 3-way syringes and other such devices produce aerosols or mists that could carry infectious pathogens from an infected patient. Hence, it is necessary that the aerosols are eliminated from the air as soon as they are generated. 

The suction cup of the HEALIX EXTRA-ORAL SUCTION is kept close to the patients mouth while conducting treatments. This ensures that most of the aerosol or mist generated during the procedure is sucked into the suction cup and though the flexible, bendable suction pipe into a high density HEPA filter that eliminates the pathogens from the air sucked in. The filtered air is further released into a chamber which contains a high intensity UV-C (254nm) LED light source. Thus, minimizing the chance of spread of infections.

This way, Healix is providing a strong defence system against infections. To know more about the Healix HEPA Air Filter and Healix Extra-Oral Suction, 

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