Healix Tiger Air Motor Engine

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Description of product

Healix Tiger introduces Air -Motor Engine with high quality making dentistry more proficient & promising. Air-motor engines are the result of intensive research & studies by the professionals to deliver the best of quality to the dentists.

Air-Motor is a dental equipment which can be used in Dental clinics & minor surgical units in place of micromotors. They are air driven motors as compared electric driven micromotors.

Why should Dentist Use Air-Motor rather than Micromotor?

  • - Advanced Technology
  • - Economical
  • - Provides sufficient chair side time for clinical cases.


1) Design

Extra-light & Powerful

2) Motion

360° rotation of the contra-angle handpiece on the motor

3) Compatible 

For straight , contra-angle handpiece

4) Rust Free

Corrosion Resistant 

5) Disinfection


User reviews


1 Review

My surgical handpiece fits perfectly with this air motor Engine.
Mar 16, 2020 11:58:55 AM