Healix Etchant EDTA RootCal

Healix Etchant EDTA RootCal

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  • Pack of EDTA,Etchant and Calcium Hydroxide

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Pack of 1 Healix Etchant EDTA and Calcium Hydroxide with Barium Suphate.

Healix Etchant

Healix Etchant Gel is an etching gel containing 37% phosphoric acid. It is used for enamel etching and dentin conditioning in conjunction with composite restorations, sealants and the adhesive luting of indirect all-ceramic or composite restorations.
Healix Etchant is the best partner for any bonding agent for enamel etching and dentin conditioning.


  • Healix Etchant is a gel used for enamel etching and dentin conditioning in conjunction with adhesives, composites, luting materials and fissure sealants.


  • Healix Etchant contains phosphoric acid (37 wt.% in water), thickeners and pigments.

Healix EDTA

Healix EDTA Paste is very high quality chelating agent.Healix EDTA binds very well with the Tooth and removes the debries while irrigating the Canal.The smear layer, which covers the dentinal tubules, is created during the instrumentation procedure and is composed of dentin, liquid from the irrigants, and tissue debris

The paste has a three-fold advantage in root canal bio-mechanical preparation via action of:

  • Lubrication while bio-mechanical preparation.
  • Chelation of dentin due to the presence of EDTA.
  • Canal cleansing due to presence of Carbamide Peroxide.


This is a single syringe of 3ml

Any Sodium hypochlorite is recommended to be used along with RC Help to gently release O2 The paste is formulated free of silica to safeguard life of the RCT instrument and avoid complication related to silica in the peri-apical region.

It can be dispensed by needle in pulpal chamber directly or can be easily picked with instrument to carry in canal

It Continue instrumentation with paste in canal

Wash off after completion of Biomech with SODIUM HYPOCHLORITE (HAVING MINT AROMA ) or distilled water.

Healix Calcium Hydroxide

  • This is a pack of 1 Healix Rootcal Calcium Hydroxide with Barium Sulphate Paste
  • Healix Rootcal Calcium Hydroxide with Barium Sulphate Paste is temporary root filling material for conventional root treatment,Pulp capping, Perforation and pulp protection, Insulation in deep cavities

Following are features of Healix Rootcal Calcium Hydroxide with Barium Sulphate Paste

  • Stimulates formation of dentine bridges
  • Stimulates hard tissue formation in roots, Quick, simple, sterile application of calcium hydroxide
  • Has strong bactericidal effect
  • Eliminates mixing of powder and liquid
  • Always the ideal consistency

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