Healix Autoclavable Impression Trays-Pack of 10 Assorted Trays

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Description of product

These are high quality autoclavable  Impression Trays. these are made from high quality medical grade plastic material.


  • Made up of high-quality plastic.


  • Ideally used in recording impressions for dentulous cases.


  • Cotisen impression trays have a smooth and curved border for ease in impression taking following the anatomy of maxilla and mandible.
  • Cotisen Autoclavable Impression trays are autoclavable.


  • Has Handle for easy insertion and removal.
  • Adjusts for maloccluded arches.
  • Prevents gagging while allowing freedom of movement.
  • Can be readily trimmed or softened while making adjustments.
  • Strong, rigid distortion free plastic construction.
  • Excellent retention of impression material with perfect perforations.
  • Smooth edges for patient comfort.
Key Specifications


  • Tray No.1 - Large Upper
  • Tray No.2 - Medium Upper
  • Tray No.3 - Small Upper
  • Tray No.4 - Large Upper
  • Tray No.5 - Medium Upper
  • Tray No.6 - Small Upper
  • Tray No.7 - Upper Left / Lower Right
  • Tray No.8 - Upper Right / Lower Left
  • Tray No.9 - Upper Anterior
  • Tray No.10 - Lower Anterior



  • Autocalvable Impression Tray can be heated to 121 degree Celsius, can be reused after sterilization,up to 10 times.
  • Uniquely designed trays made with sturdy and durable plastic,have an ergonomic design.

Impression Trays Autoclavable:

  • 10 Piece per Pack (Size 0-4)

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Good quality.. Will last for 5-6 uses..
Mar 5, 2020 5:02:53 PM