Dtech Restore Plus Condensable

Dtech Restore Plus Condensable

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  • �Good Translucency
  • �Good Aesthetics
  • �Spreadable Consistency
  • �Good Marginal Adaptation

Description of product

Restore + Condensable is radiopaque glass polyalkeonate restorative cements with chemical adhesion to enamel and dentin. Features Good translucency Good aesthetics Spreadable consistency Good marginal adaptation

Indication for use

Restore+condensable is radiopaque glass polyalkeonate restorative cements with chemical adhesion to enamel and dentin . Repair of V shaped defects and enamel erosions as well as root erosions in the cervical area including Class V fillings.

Fillings of Class III and small fillings of Class I,as well as for crowns, linings a build-up fillings .Cavities caused by carious lesions. For restoration of deciduous teeth (especially Class I)


10gm powder 7gm liquid

Directions to use

Cavity preparation

Perform the cavity preparation. Creation of undercuts is not necessary because of the excellent adhesion of Restore+ condensable to dentin. However, undercuts can provide enhanced hold to the restoration. Layer thickness should not be less than 1 mm. Pulp protection is recommended with calcium hydroxide if dentine thickness is less than 1-1.5 mm Apply D-Tech dentin conditioner using a cotton pellet or similar device. Rub the conditioner in for 20 seconds to remove the smear layer. Rinse with water and dry, but do not desiccate.

Best results shall be obtained when the prepared surface is clear of smear layer and appears moist & glistening. Dispensing and mixing The powder: liquid ratio is 3.5:1. This can be obtained by mixing one level scoop of powder with one drop of liquid. A condensable thick mix is required to minimize erosion loss but a glossy surface is also needed for strong chemical bond strength. Using the appropriate powder/ liquid ratio is strongly recommended. Shake the powder bottle to fluff the powder. Fill a level spoon and place it onto the mixing pad provided. Avoid compressing powder into the spoon with the inside wall of the bottle. Very slowly turn the liquid bottle vertically with the tip about 5cm above the mixing pad. Steady your hand and squeeze the bottle gently to dispense liquid drop. If any bubbles are present, lightly tap the bottle. Discard drops that are obviously not full sized. Using a plastic spatula, divide the powder into two equal parts. Mix the first half of the powder with the whole of the liquid for 15seconds. Add the second part and mix for another 15 seconds to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Filling Remove moisture from the cavity surface with a cotton pellet,or very gently with an air syringe blast. Do not desiccate. Place the mixed cement into the cavity. Take care not to incorporate air bubbles. Form the material with a placement or forming instrument & if required apply a matrix during the first 2 minutes of cement setting. Remove the matrix & immediately apply a varnish to the surface of restoration Finishing Final finishing and polishing can be done under water spray about 6-7 minutes after placement of cement, progressing from steel burs at low speed to superfine diamond points. Apply a final coating of varnish and instruct the patient not to apply pressure for one hour. Note that best results of polishing are achieved if polishing is done after 24 hrs.

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