Detax Dental Tempolink clear

Detax Dental Tempolink clear


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Description of product

Transparent, temporary fixing cement, resin based 4:1, dual curing. Film-forming, therefore highest marginal tightness and easy removal. Distinctly reduced displacement resistance than with common cements. Flexible working times due to optional light curing. Especially suitable for veneers, crowns and bridges in the anterior tooth region, without any aesthetic impairment. Eugenol-free, compatible with all permanent cements. Antibacterial with Triclosan, of indifferent colour and odour.
Colour: transparent


  • Highest marginal tightness
  • Reduced displacement resistance
  • Dual curing
  • Package Contents: cartridge mini-mix 5 ml, mixing cannulas 8 pcs, flowchart 1 pc.

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