X-Smart Endomotor-Dentsply

X-Smart Endomotor-Dentsply

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Description of product

The X-Smart™ is microprocessor controlled Endodontic system.It is designed to conduct Rootcanal using Niti Rotary Instrument. The X-Smart™ is very simple, light weight and easy to use. Major breakage of Endodontic files is due to torque resistance and high speeds of the motors. X-Smart helps in reducing th file breakage by reducing the speed and controlling the torque of all the files. It works best with Protaper file systems.

It comes with two protaper gold starter kit Free.

There is a clear LCD screen that is angled for easy visualisation during preparation. It indicates the various settings that have been chosen by the operator: speed, torque, gearing, direction of rotation, program (nine in total), auto reverse setting and gives a real-time read out of the load being applied to the instrument in the form of a graduated bar. There are also battery charge and audible warning indicators.

  • Simple
  • Compact and Light weight unit
  • Operates on battery or electrical power
  • Provides easy visualisation
  • Operates on battery or electrical power
  • Battery recharging time : approx. 5 hours
  • Time of use on battery: approx. 2 hours
  • Supplied with a 16:1 contra-angle
  • Operates without pedal

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They are best Endomotor am using this for almost 25 canals and still the file doesnt break.Best cutting efficiency
Aug 16, 2019 6:10:49 PM