Dentsply M-Access K-Files 21mm for Hand use

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Description of product

Dentsply M-ACCESS™ is a comprehensive and complete range of stainless steel products.


Dentsply M-Access are instruments for penetration and enlargement. Dentsply M Access K Files are stainless steel dental k files used in endodontics. The cross sections of the dentsply k files are square from sizes 6  - 40 and triangular from size 45 onwards. The recommended motion of action for the k files is clockwise with rotation and half turn twists. The comprehensive and affordable range of hand file offered by Dentsply is designed to offer dentists simplicity and efficiency in root canal treatment. The k files by Dentsply have an ergonomic handle and safety grooves that improve functionality. 


  • They have Ergonomically designed handle.
  • The silicone stop marker identifies the tips direction in the root canal
  • The K-File cross section is square from 006 to 040 and triangular from 045 onwards.
  • The recommended motion of action is clockwise with rotation at half turn twists.

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