Aluwax for FMR

Aluwax for FMR

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  • Wax only form
  • Delivers accuracy and details
  • Made in USA
  • Textbook Material
  • For Accurate Bite Registration
  • For excellent Bite Registration during FMR
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Description of product

ALUWAX of USA is a brand turned generic name, produced for over 60 years. These are high quality Bite Registration material for Full Mouth Rehabilitation (FMR).

It is the only product in the world, which is trusted when it comes to bite registration – for an accurate bite and that too at a nominal cost!

ALUWAX is in regular use by thousands of dentist all around the world. ALUWAX finds mention in Dental Material books in dental study and trusted by Prosthodontists in their PG studies and used regularly even today, after almost 60 years of being manufactured.One can take almost all types of bites with it – directly or indirectly in combination with regular wax and with any technique: -

  • C & B work: Unilateral / Bilateral bites.
  • Full denture work: In combination with bite rims in nick and notch technique. No need to seal bites, thereby avoiding hot instruments in patient’s mouth.
  • Partial Denture work, Occlusal record,
  • E-centric records for semi-adj articulator, Centric for DeProgrammer etc.

ALUWAX delivers the precision & details you need.

Offer accurate bites to lab and receive precise work from them. Avoid work repetition, save chair side time & increase productivity. Avoid delay to your patients too!

Doctors beware ! Original ALUWAX is never sold in smaller packing. Original ALUWAX is never sold loose.


Dental Wax Products • Bite and Impression Waxes

The Perfect Impression Wax

Aluwax Dental Products Company produces dental bite and impression waxes that come in wax only forms and, waxed cloth forms, which deliver accuracy, detail, retain heat longer for efficient modeling and are available in different styles to accommodate various dental techniques.

Get the Most Accurate Impressions Possible
ALUWAX Delivers The Precision & Detail You Need

Styles for every use

Why Aluminum?
ALUWAX dental wax is a sophisticated composite material which contains powdered aluminum…to increase the integrity of the compound and provide the heat retention properties needed for efficient modeling.  Frankly, we've found that other materials, such as copper-based waxes, just don’t retain heat as long…and begin to harden too quickly.


It comes in pack of 40-44 wafers.

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