Acteon Sopix 1 RVG


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The SOPIX series offers wide range of solutions adapted for all budgets to satisfy all requirements of any dental practice:

SOPIX digital sensor offers a high-quality image at a very affordable price.

It is the most economic solution of the SOPIX Series

The design of the SOPIX series sensors is so smart.

The corners are rounded to improve patient comfort.

White side stripes offer high visibility of the sensor in the darkness of the mouth.

They assist the dental professional in correctly positioning the X-ray tube perpendicular to the sensor.

Moreover, the working environment now becomes more ergonomic and well-organized through the integration of SOPIX inside sensor into X- Mind unity intraoral X-ray system.

Placed on his holder, the sensor is safe to prevent from falling to the floor and it is always easy to reach for optimal working comfort.      Through SOPRO’s extensive experience in digital sensors, the SOPIX series improve your everyday life by simplifying use and bringing you exceptional image quality. 

ACE® technology, patented by SOPRO, is integrated in all SOPIX series sensors.

It analyzes in real time the amount of X-rays accumulated by the sensor and It freezes the image acquisition as soon as it received the radiation required to provide a good-quality image. Thus, It protects each image from overexposure. 

  • Edges and corners are rounded on the sensor to improve patient comfort.
  • Fast and easy to use
  • White side stripes to assist the dentist with correct positioning of the X-ray tube
  • Outstanding image quality
  • ACE technology prevents overexposure of the image: only one shot is ever necessary.

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