Acteon Mini LED Light Cure

Acteon Mini LED Light Cure


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Acteon Mini LED Light Cure Unit.

This medical device is designed to cure photosensitive reconstruction and bonding materials used in dentistry. The target clinical uses relate to conservative and restorative dentistry. This medical device is used with an optical guide and a rigid protection shield.

Acteon Mini LED Light Cure Standard: 

FAST MODE: Fast and easy Full power during 10 sec (bip at 5 sec) on regular depth

PULSE MODE: Ally rapidity and safety 10 flashes of 1 sec (bip after 5 flashes) with times off to preserve dental pulp

RAMPING MODE: No stress cracking Progressive power increase during 20 sec (bip every 5 sec) for a complete and safe curing

Safety Base-charger includes a radiometer for light power intensity check-up

Acteon Mini LED Light Cure Supercharged:

FAST MODE: The choice of rapidity Full power during 3, 4, 5 or 10 sec, according to the composite thickness

PULSE MODE: Limits temperature rise 5 or 10 flashes of 1 sec for a polymerization in security

RAMPING MODE: Avoids composites retraction Progressive power increase during 9 or 15 sec to ensure perfect sealing of the restoration

Visibility: Luminous screen with customizable modes and times, count curing time and load indicator

Control Base: charger includes a radiometer. The LED light intensity can be controlled anytime with total lightening of the translucent handpiece holder


Acteon Mini LED Light Cure Active:

  • Efficiency and simplicity in one click Unique 10 sec cycle, with microflash at 5 sec
  • Easy to use Smartly balanced, the handpiece does not roll for a protection against falls
  • Work in freedom Handy and light (103g) thanks to its integrated battery
  • Long service life 100 cycles of 10 sec. to enjoy a full day of polymerization
  • Universal power supply Battery level indicator

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