3m Unitek Ortholux Luminous Curing Light


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Description of product

The Ortholux Luminous Curing Light redefines efficiency in orthodontic curing with a versatile, ergonomic design and the latest in high-power LED technology.Superior strength, durability and hygiene Manufactured from a one-piece, hydroformed stainless steel casing, the high-tech design features a smooth, nearly unbreakable exterior that is easy-to-clean and stain-resistant. The absence of seams or vents protects internal components from contaminants as well as damage from fluids.Fast, precision curing the black-coated, 8 mm light guide contributes to the 1600 mW/cm2 output by optimizing the orthodontic curing pattern for the recommended mesial and distal curing technique or the alternate interproximal curing technique. The black coating of the light guide assures the user that the high-intensity blue light is being directed into the oral cavity and not extraneously throughout the operatory.As a result, the Ortholux Luminous curing light can cure ceramic brackets in 3 seconds and metal brackets in 6 seconds, reducing overall bonding time and chair time.


Advanced ergonomics

  • Providing a comfortable grip from various angles, the units unique V-shape accommodates any users technique, and its small size offers an excellent weight balance. Maneuverability and convenience are further enhanced by a magnetic light guide fixture that allows for quick and easy attachment, removal and positioning of the light guide. Additionally, the eye shield rotates 360 degree and serves as a flat surface rest for roll-off protection.

Intuitive operation

  • The Ortholux Luminous curing light requires no learning curve. In addition to simple two-button operation, it features a unique, built-in timer offering 4 preset cure times (3, 6, 9 and 12 seconds), a 1-second tack-cure mode and a 15-second extended cure time.

Lithium ion battery for long-lasting, steady power

  • The high-performance Lithium ion battery maintains consistent light output and stores up to twice the power of nickel metal hydride batteries.

Also preferred by patients

  • In addition, the Ortholux Luminous curing light provides patients the benefit of ultra-quiet operation. It offers a switch-off option for timer and beep signals, and does not house a noisy fan.
  • One piece, stainless steel, pen-shaped, cordless handpiece
  • 3 second curing for ceramic brackets can reduce chair time
  • High intensity 1600 mW/cm2 blue LED
  • Built-in light meter
  • Rechargeable Lithium ion battery
  • 1 unit

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